Friday, June 10, 2011

Good bye Scribd account and reports...


My Scribd account was deleted without notice. I tried to login and it just said "This account was deleted". No email received, nothing. That's okay.

That also means I won't be able to post any of the reports anymore. I guess that was expected already.

The world loses a bit because of that, but I can't do anything about it. Sorry.
I am an advocate of free information, but I know that some people make a living out of selling these reports, sometimes as soft-dollar (in exchange of trading commission, bid/ask spreads in the OTC market, etc). And sometimes even selling crap content (most of it).

I will try to keep posting interesting charts and excerpts from these reports or perhaps get myself a domain/cloud to save these reports or something.

It is incredible how information flies over the internet. Since April the Scribd account had over 15k reads. That means a lot of people want to understand what goes on in our world.

Better luck finding them reports. I won't be able to share them anymore.

Best regards,
The Intrigued Trader


  1. Hi, i like to follow Stephen Jen's paper. The links to Scribe are all deleted, could you send me his recent paper in May and June?